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I am who I am; no more, no less

Do you like books, photography, or baking? Then you’re in the perfect place!

Hey, this is Dayva. I’m here to show you a snippet of my life. My life is a complete tornado of circumstances that I find either wonderful or completely useless, but everything that has happened to me has made me into who I am, even as I write this. For all the circumstances, I must say school has been one of the best things to have ever happened to me. Most teenagers will look at that and say that I am completely crazy, but if you look at what happens at school you would realise that it will be the stories that you tell for a long time. From the sports you played to the clubs you joined to the friends you made to the trips you have taken(even if that only meant to your local ‘hot spot’) it has all been connected through your school life.
Personally, there are other reasons to why I enjoy school above my many other circumstances because a lot of them were caused by school.snapchat-1080041983 Here is a list of what has happened to me because of school:

  • My love for books because the librarian had 
    suggested many books that have influenced what I read today(this includes romantic fantasy books).
  • I’m interested in crafts and what I can make from random
    items because I decided to join my school’s craft club.
  • One year I decided to join anything that I could. This involved both sports and clubs.
  • My involvement lead to having opportunities that many people wouldn’t get. This includes going on trips to other cities, provinces, and even countries.20160925_190729
  • I’ve found friends that I know will stay by my side no matter what happens in our lives.
  • I can persuade anyone into anything because I’ve learned those skills through my many fundraisers.
  • I’ve learned to write resumes that soon got me a job at the beloved Canadian coffee shop: Tim Hortons.snapchat-823735613

  • I have an idea for a book and began writing part of it because of the creative english assignments.
  • I’m interested in photography and videography because I had the chance to take classes that involved these elements.
  • I love to bake desserts because of another class I took. This is also why I want to further have a career in culinary.
  • From being in band class I had became a fan of music.

So, if the next time someone says that they hate school, tell them of your experiences that have influenced how you came to be. This may even be as little as an assignment that lead to your favourite interest.

You may be asking yourself how this is an ‘about me’ page if I’m just giving you advice, but that is one of the major components of me. I love to give advice even if I don’t realise that I do. Another component that you would find about me is that I often make mistakes that I don’t realise until after I can fix them. This includes when I talk to other people because once I start talking about what I enjoy or know more about, my mouth talks faster than what my mind can process. An example is how I was trying to tell someone that I should stop talking because I couldn’t talk properly anymore, but instead “my speech can not talk” came out of my mouth. In other words, I may just cheer up your day with my minor mistakes. 🙂

I hope you learned something new about me and will further enjoy my blog.

~Day Dreamer


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