The Art of Being Bias

prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

From the placement of words to the final selection of what is written, bias opinions within the news are everywhere. Within the article They Told Me I Wasn’t A Human Being’: Gay Men Speak Of Brutal Treatment In Chechnya, there is plenty of bias.

If you were browsing through articles to find an interesting one to read, you may want to read this article!

Just by reading the title, you already know that this article is of two men who were treated with brutality because they were gay. Not only does this intrigue the reader to want to read more, the writer had also added a quote from one of the men to add that emotional appeal to the article. 

Later on in the article it tells the reader more about the stories from the two men, but in the first section of the article it summarizes all the details about what is happening and how someone with high authority is now starting to deal with this situation.

To come up with a solution, Russian President Vladimir Putin had discussed the situation with Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who had denied any anti-gay committees within Chechnya. This is further shown in the picture where Vladimir Putin is looking at Ramzan Kadyrov. This can portray that Vladimir Putin is on our side and Ramzan Kadyrov is the bad guy.

Continuing with how bad the situation is, the statistics told to the reader that since April 2017, 100 different men have been detained and of the 100, 3 have been killed from these anti-gay committees. Out of these 100 men, 30 have been rescued and 2 have been brave enough to come forward to talk to someone who could put an end to these committees or at least bring awareness of the truth. Since these men are still afraid of their lives, as stated in the last sentence of the article, they asked to remain anonymous and go by the names Gregory and Arnie. The only part that they would let anyone know who they truly were was a photo of just them sitting down and only showing their lower half.

Gregory had told his story first of how he was in a basement for 12 days being beaten and interrogated. Throughout these 12 days, the kidnappers had Gregory contact a guy he was dating in order to capture another gay man. Gregory had repeated to the interviewer what the kidnappers said “They told me I wasn’t a human being and deserved to be murdered.” This is an emotional blow to most people because it creates a deeper connection with the men who has lost the fight.

Arnie, who is 18 years old was next to tell his story. His story could create an emotional attachment with the reader because he was in a coma for two weeks from being beaten up and when he finally got home, his family had disowned him for ruining the family honour. If it was not for the month celebration of Ramadan, Arnie fears that his uncle will hunt him down to kill him.

The article had ended with Arnie confessing his true thoughts, but to the reader this may be the worst way to end the article. Will Arnie be ok? Will this situation ever stop? Will Gregory recover from how he was treated? Will Arnie fix things with his family? These may be questions that a reader will ask after reading this article because the way it is written and through the bias, it makes the reader feel as though they should know more about these two men who went through so much because they were gay.

~Day Dreamer


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