Media’s Reflection

and J-14
are two of several magazines that are targeted towards the younger generations. While going through these two specific magazines, I realized that the advertisements were similar because they were mainly trying to sell you the person. 050117215316_j-14_-_march_2017Though their intention is to sell the product, they use the method of selling you the perfect person that is using the specified product. The average advertisements shown were mostly of beauty and perfection and this may be the cause of the audience that the magazine is targeting. Through the knowledge that most females will prefer to look through a magazine rather than a male, the authors show more femininum features in the magazine. These femininum features could just be as simple as bright, colourful pages or as complicated as the models being their feature beauty goal. Either way, the authors know what attracts their audience and they use it to their advantage to gain more subscriptions.

Although the above is a similarity between magazine advertisements, I had also happened to have noticed that the basic standards of beauty is another one of the major similarities.

Beauty~a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

While keeping with the definition, here are examples of these beauty standards that are shown in these magazines.


  • In both magazines, the average model was either one of the 4 common body shapes.
  • Though a model may be one body shape, they may position themselves so that they give the illusion that they are another body shape. Often this is done when a banana shaped person will stick out their hip towards the side to show a quick illusion of another body shape.


  • While looking through the magazines, the most common colour of skin you would see is a shade of pale.
  • Even though the world is less colorism/shadeism, there is still a lack of variety in skin colours.20170215_141021


  • Though the makeup may be as simple as just mascara or as complicated as a full wing done to perfection, all the models have some sort of makeup on.
  • While the models only show the after makeup look, there are also steps beforehand that the advertisements may try to sell, such as face wash or face masks.


  • The advertisement’s purpose may be to sell the specified clothing, but there are often hidden meanings behind the advertisement. Such as, if you wear these specific clothing brand then you will be just as happy, fit, and pretty as the model who also is wearing the clothing brand.20170227_151209
  • Each of the clothing was somehow related to each other in some way and it may be just the basic colours or design, but it may also be the backstory of the design(Ex. a celebrity wore it) or even the accessories that go along with the outfit.

The above were the basic standards of beauty that were represented in the two magazines Seventeen and J-14. While trying to correct someone’s shape or colour of skin is almost impossible, the other two beauty standards are very easily changed.

By just adding or taking away a step while doing your own makeup may affect your whole look that you are going for, young teenagers often try to replicate the looks given in these magazines, no matter how difficult or crazy it may look. Though makeup does enhance your facial beauty, not all of the aspects are good for a young teenager. Such as, it may cause teenagers to believe that the only way they can be considered pretty is if they use makeup to hide their facial problems.

Fashion was the other beauty standard I had mentioned and this may be the most common standard that changes the most frequently. It could be just as simple as even adding an accessory or taking it away, but it could be as difficult as having to rebuy a whole new wardrobe because a new celebrity brought yet another aspect to the average fashion. This is one of the worst standards that a person will want to change because it could cause major issues. These issues may include spending money that you should not, throwing away brand new clothes just because it is out of fashion, and also if someone is not able to afford a new wardrobe than they may just be made fun of for being both out of fashion and being too poor.

~Day Dreamer


2 thoughts on “Media’s Reflection

  1. I enjoy the fact that you had used several specific examples within your post. Sharing your opinion and view on this matter shows how it can effect kids personally and how our media has changed.You reached out to different issues relating magazines and their influence on youth of today.The images used throughout the post are very good examples of what the most typical magazines look like nowadays. By looking at fashion, colour, shape, and makeup, your post takes a look into different parts of the magazine and analyzing them.


  2. This post included several examples to show how the media uses their influence to make us purchase things we can’t afford or really just don’t need. I like that you break down all the components of a magazine to show us that things are not “all natural” and certainly not achieved in a short period of time. You also talked about different forms of discrimination like colourism which is something that is probably overlooked ALOT! I really Appreciate the work you put into this post, you looked into all aspects of the magazine and not just the ones that we see when we read a magazine. keep up with the great posts!


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