Culinary/Dessert Chef

Culinary/Dessert Chef (CDC)

Being a CDC means to have a career in food preparation. This can mean that a CDC can make their career unique because there are many genres of food preparation. From sweet to savory a CDC must choose earlier on in their career to what they want to major in because that influences the education and training that they must take.  A CDC will allow someone to create a career based on what they enjoy. This may mean becoming a restaurant chef, bartender, manager/worker for your own business, or many more possibilities are available.megan_by_beverly_poppe_t1000

Personally, the best reason about becoming a CDC is that you could become a CDC at any point in your life after receiving at least a grade ten level of education. I believe that being a CDC would be a great career because you could bring happiness even in the darkest of times by cheering someone up with their favourite flavours! To go along with that, being a CDC would also mean that I would be able to put my creativity into my work and do something I enjoy.

~Day Dreamer


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