Pop Culture

Pop Culture~Anything involved with media and influencing the current young generation

This may include music, celebrities, actors, artists, movies, apps, or even some stupid challenge. There are many approaches that can influence how our generation decides to live but there is a guarantee that each generation will have their own unique pop culture that the future generations will wonder about. Therefore, I have decided to explain three of what my generation has decided was our pop culture to help those in the future to understand. These include:

The Chainsmokers-Closer

closer_featuring_halsey_official_single_cover_by_the_chainsmokersDepending on when you read this you may love this song and know all the words or you may have not even known that this was a song. The Chainsmokers are made up of two American singers that have released their hit song Closer on July 29, 2016. Their song Closer had hit the top position on twenty-seven different radio channels in multiple countries for the channels weekly countdown. They also hit the top position on three different radio channels in multiple countries for the channels yearly countdown. Though there were many songs that have been popular lately and could have been on this page, but personally this song has been one that I have really enjoyed. This may be because both the lyrics and the rhythms are catchy but it may also be because of what story the lyrics tell us. Recently I have found that most people are either in a relationship or talking about other people’s relationships. This song is probably so popular because it is about relationships and told in a upbeat negative way. By that I mean that the song has an upbeat rhythm, whereas the lyrics are about a breakup.


Snapchat was invented in late 2011. Over the next six years it became one of the most used ways of communication.screenshot_20161227-112347 On Snapchat you are able to send messages through text, photos, or video. Being able to access all three of those ways of communication in a single app began to push other apps to change their formats. For instance, Instagram has created a way for you to have ‘live’ shows just like Snapchat has had ‘stories’ from from the beginning. Snapchat had also allowed people to access different online networks without having to go online. You are able to do this through the ‘discover’ section. This app had also allowed youtubers, celebrities, artists, actors, and anyone that is considered nationally popular to be more involved with their fans by having their stories show how their lives look daily. Another concept to notice is that most people will not ask for your cellphone number when you meet, but rather your snapchat username. One day something will come along to overtake Snapchat just like how Snapchat had taken over the last way of communication. As for now, Snapchat will continue to be the way a lot of people will choose to communicate because of its efficiency and uniqueness.

‘Staged Candid Photo

8df78a96ba78897426139413169e5446Though these photos look authentic, these photos are not what they seem. Everything in these photos aren’t random. It was all thought of and planned ahead of time. Even though most people won’t notice or care because it is a pretty photo of someone they like. In these photos everything is perfect. Perfect hair. Perfect background. Perfect position. Perfect smile. There is never anything wrong in these photos because they aren’t real candid photos. Even if there was one small detail wrong, such as someone in the background who makes the photo look bad then the photo would be deleted and retaken.capturingmagic-behind-the-action-2998
The fact that every detail in one photo is perfect is probably why most people don’t overthink these photos. This may also be the reason almost everyone loves these staged candid photos and try creating their own photos. People want their lives to be perfect and if they can show their hundreds of followers that their live is perfect through one photo then of course people will stage a photo.

~Day Dreamer


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